Energy stations for renewable sources have a leader in Italy: Generich.

Electronics and systems for photovoltaic and renewable energy: from design to installation. 

Generich has always been engaged in promoting renewable energies by studying, designing and developing innovative solutions meeting real needs of today's life in an intelligent and functioning way.

Our products philosophy and our operating mode can be very well expressed in three single words:


Each one of Generich products is a complete and efficient system entirely manufactured in our company: from designing to shipment. These products are completely Made in Italy - which means maximum quality and reliability. 


The elimination of pollutant emissions and energy savings are the goals guiding each one of our achievements. There are many advantages: respect for the environment, saving on electricity bill up to 90% and the fruition of tax benefits provided by law. In this way Generich combines what is useful for everyday life to what is helpful to the environment.


Our products work in a simple and intuitive way. They automatically manage entire processes to optimize the energy usage - all this with the support of a sophisticated microprocessor-controlled technology of last generation. Thanks to all this, once the connection is made, the customer will just enjoy all these benefits.